Direct Access Testing- No Prescription, No M.D. Visit Needed

“Direct-Access-Testing Provider"

is just "one" apt description of Health Tests Direct (HTD).


HTD is also referred to as a “Direct-to-Consumer” or 'Self-Order" health services provider.

Confusing? Whatever you to call us, HTD will always save you 50-91% on your blood tests!


And, you can thank the Federal Drug Administration (FDA)
for this wonderful, money-saving health benefit HTD offers, called "Direct-Access-Testing"!


Yes, thanks to the FDA, the "general public" (Adults 18+) can utilize Direct-Access-Testing to order 100's of different laboratory blood tests and blood test panels for themselves online, in just minutes, and for much less expense! Each of the 50-91% discounted blood tests and discounted blood test panels you will find on our Blood Tests Menu has been pre-approved by the FDA for you to do so. Order blood tests without a physician's referral. Order blood tests without a physician's prescription. Our own HTD "Online MD's" will approve your blood test order right here online, 24/7!


Direct Access Testing defined: a Direct Access Testing provider like HTD enables you to experience the convenience of “three” very important personal health management services “directly”, and therefore at deep discounts of 50-91%:

(1) HTD arranges for your blood-draw DIRECTLY with a Quest Diagnostics blood draw center WITHOUT your having to first make an appointment, or visit a doctor, or pay them for a costly exam, and,

(2) HTD arranges DIRECTLY with Quest Diagnostics Laboratories for the analysis of your blood specimen, WITHOUT your needing a prior prescription from your personal physician, and,

(3) HTD emails, faxes, or U.S. mails (your choice) your lab blood test results DIRECTLY and IMMEDIATELY to you the same business day we receive them! If you request, we can also send a copy to your personal physician- that is, ONLY IF YOU REQUEST IT. Otherwise, your results are ALWAYS CONFIDENTIAL and sent ONLY to you.


How can we possibly save you 50-91%? We also save you money in at least three (3) distinct ways! First, we arrange for you to skip the middle-man (“the doctor”), and to skip their always cursory but always costly “physical exam” that “they” would normally require of you before they will order a blood test for you. Second, the higher volume of blood tests that we arrange for thousands of health-conscious people all throughout the U.S.A. earn us a lower ‘analysis’ price at the laboratories than your lower-volume doctor must pay them for the exact same blood test. Third, HTD does not “mark-up” our blood test service costs as high as a doctor typically will. Not even close!

Those are just the three major factors. There are several other money-saving operational processes we have incorporated into our organization that helps us to help you save money too. For instance, we ask you to pay in advance- so, we do not have to deal with late payments, partial payments, or bounced checks like so many businesses. We also do not accept insurance, which would automatically require "negotiating" payments and waiting 60-90 days to receive them. All of these processes  combine to allow us at Health-Tests-Direct to considerably reduce our overall operational expenses and pass along to you a savings of 50-91% off what you would normally pay when, instead, you get your blood test ordered through your personal physician.

Direct Access Testing through Health-Tests Direct™ is the modern, 21st Century process of personal health monitoring and management. Direct Access Testing allows you to completely ‘skip’ the old fashioned, outmoded, more expensive process of first spending your time and additional money to personally visit a doctor…get a prescription filled…make a clinic appointment, and so on! Instead, Direct-Access Testing is all about saving precious time and saving precious money, too.  This enables you - along with your physician - to more easily and regularly monitor your health and take the very earliest preventive measures against any discovered illness or disease indicators!

A final and unfortunate note to share with you here about "Direct Access Testing": Dumb, shortsighted laws exist on the books in New Jersey, New York and Rhode Island that are totally inconsiderate of their resident’s health needs- and their family's budget limitations. These three states DO NOT PERMIT blood testing their resident citizens using discounted “Direct Access Testing” as is available right here from our Health Tests Direct website! 


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