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HTD gives you ALL these great "Yes, you can!" choices:

  • You can "skip" the added cost of a doctor office-visit, "just to get a blood test prescription".  Instead, simply "self-order" any available blood test you want, right here online with HTD.  Because the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has already pre-approved the blood tests we list for "Direct Access Testing" (i.e., "Self Testing"), NO prior prescription is needed to self-order any of the 100's of popular blood tests you see listed on our Ordering Page!
  • Do you already have a doctor's prescription for one or more blood tests?  Then, you can and should compare his/her "clinic" blood test prices (BEFORE using the clinic) with the prices HTD has for you here.  Self-order those tests here online, instead, and you'll save 50-91% OFF the price you are quoted at the clinic!
  • You can "self-order" your blood tests on HTD from the largest federal and accredited forensic labs in America: Quest Diagnostics.  Fact is, it's not unlikely that Quest Diagnostics is the same lab used by your own physician (but without the 50-91% savings self-ordering on HTD enables you)!
  • By self-ordering online through HTD, you can take full advantage of 50-91% "Direct Access Testing" (self-ordering) discounts!
  • Using your Zip Code, you can choose any of 2,000+ Quest locations* to visit and have your blood drawn- without needing an appointment!

*On vacation or a business trip somewhere in the U.S.A.?  You DO NOT have to wait until you return home to order!  With 2,000+ locations around the country, there'll likely be a blood draw location nearby where you are visiting.  Order, and get your blood drawn, wherever you are in the USA!



Unfortunately, discounted blood testing (i.e., "Direct Access Testing" or "DAT") services are NOT available to you for self-ordering blood tests "online" if you are a resident of one of these three states.

Why on earth is that?  We can only apologize for this ridiculous state-mandated inconvenience for so many Americans, but HTD has absolutely no control over these prejudicial and unwarranted restrictions placed on laboratories by these states!

Please be aware that HTD has  a limited availability of blood tests and blood test panels that Quest will permit HTD to offer you "online". So  first, you should first check to see if the blood test you need or want to order is available.

To self-order your own blood tests, just follow these easy steps:

  Step 1- Order one or more blood tests or test panels (you'll be saving up to 91%)

Once you are on the Ordering Page, you’ll first be presented with a list of tests that are available from Quest Diagnostics

You'll see tests are listed by "Popularity", but you can click on "Name" to see them listed "Alphabetically". 

Choose as many tests as you want. The blood draw fee of $8.50 is charged only “once”, even if you order and have your blood drawn for 2 or 3 or "a dozen" different tests at the same time!

If you’re unsure of what tests you’d like to order, you can always give us a call during our California (Pacific) M-F office hours at 1.800.456.4647 ext. 203 and ask us for clarification. (“Medical” advice cannot be given, however.  By law, we are not permitted to advise of suggest the type of blood tests you need.  Please check with your own physician for answers to any/all "medical" questions.)

You’ll pre-pay for your tests by credit card with us here ONLINE (NOT at the blood draw center). After you pay for your tests, you’ll need to print out your “Authorization Form” (i.e., your blood test "Lab Requisition").  You MUST take that with you to the blood draw center. If you already have a blood test requisition form from your doctor, LEAVE IT AT HOME.  Take with you ONLY the one requisition you printed out FROM OUR WEBSITE.  (Our requisition is already marked "Paid In Full".) 


  Step 2- On a weekday and a time of your convenience, visit the blood draw center you found nearest to your home or work (no appointment needed for your blood draw)

Go to a blood draw center location you chose. Please remember to take your pre-paid “Authorization Form” (blood test requisition form) you printed out. Do NOT pay the draw center any additional money.  Remember, you are already PAID IN FULL! 

After your blood sample has been collected, the draw center will “overnight” it to the lab for testing. (HINT: Try to get in and have your blood drawn BEFORE 2 PM to ensure your sample is picked up by the courier that SAME day.) Then, normally you should have your results within 2-3 days. You will be notified by an email from immediately- the very minute they are reported to us. (NOTE: A very few types of blood tests can take 5-8 days for the lab to properly process and before results are available.  That is usually noted for in the Test Description.)   


  You're Done- 2-3 days later, privately view and print out your confidential test results right here online!  You can view them on your smartphone and tablet, too!

Your test results will normally be available here on our HTD website within 2-3 days after the day your blood sample was collected and sent overnight to the lab. Again, please be aware that there are a few types of tests that are exceptions and will take 5-8 days to analyze before their results are released.

Quest Diagnostics electronically releases blood test results to HTD 24/7, just as soon as they become available on Mondays through Fridays- and sometimes (but rarely) on weekends too. You will need your confidentially registered User Name and Password to access your secure test results.  You'll use the same login information as when you initially signed up and ordered your test(s). 

"As you will learn by experiencing our Exceptional Customer Service,

you are very appreciated!

We sincerely thank you for trusting HTD to help you manage your health!"

Jean and Ed Poole, HTD Founders/Owner/Managers 



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