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Get professional help interpreting your blood test results FOR FREE!  Here's how!


Interpreting blood tests results to better understand what they mean can BEST be accomplished by sharing them with your personal physician.  Even if your results are all "within normal range", that's a good idea.  If one or more is not within normal range, you should definitely discuss the results with your doctor!


Don't have a personal physician?  You can get limited help with interpretation and understanding for FREE when you utilize the services of the following website.  The site offers an amazing wealth of FREE information and articles on a multitude of health-related subjects, including blood tests, women's health, men's health, various diseases, and on and on.  They also have a bi-monthly newsletter that is FREE, and we strongly recommend that you subscribe to it (we do) if you are "into personal health" (as we are)!

You can even have a FREE question/answer exchange about your lab results with a laboratory scientist volunteer.  Click the link below and utilize their simple online form.  You can complete a test information “request form” and a "certified laboratory scientist" will respond to you personally (and confidentially) within 72 hours…for FREE!  How convenient and easy is that!?

"Ask a Laboratory Scientist"


FIRST, PLEASE NOTE: is a commercial website containing ads, but there is absolutely NO need to BUY anything.  If it were otherwise, we would NOT "promote" or recommend them to you. Their not-for-profit organization and partners are NOT in any way affiliated with Health-Tests-Direct™, but we strongly believe they represent a truly wonderful "not-for-profit" public service!  While they and their free services are available to everyone, unfortunately that fact is not very widely known.  But now, YOU know about them.  We are confident YOU will appreciate them and what they will do for you! 

Of course, again, you should ALWAYS consult with your own personal physician, too! Your doctor is “the expert” with interpreting blood tests. He/she might spot something important in your blood tests results that you either overlooked or did not realize was so important. In any case, the above web source for interpreting blood tests is a great "first" step for you. What you learn there will enable you to speak to your physician with more “background” information and understanding when you have the conversation. You likely will also have better questions to ask your doctor when you do.


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