Synonyms:CK Fractionation; CK Isoenzymes, CPK Isoenzymes, Creatine Phosphokinase Isoenzymes

Why It Is Done

When the total CPK level is elevated, isoenzyme testing can help differentiate the source of the damaged tissue. Detect injury to brain and lungs Following a heart attack, used to detect damage to heart muscle Injury or stress to skeletal muscle

Test Overview

CPK isoenzymes test measures the different forms of creatine phosphokinaseCPK is an enzyme found predominantly in the heart, brain, and skeletal muscle. CPK is composed of 3 isoenzymes that differ slightly in structure:

CPK-1 (also called CPK-BB) is concentrated in the brain and lungs. CPK-2 (also called CPK-MB) is found mostly in the heart CPK-3 (also called CPK-MM) is found mostly in skeletal muscle

How To Prepare

No special preparation required