NOTICE: This test is a component of the Acute Hepatitis Panel or STD Panel 2 which may be more appealing than ordering this test alone.

Synonyms: HAA; HBsAg; Hepatitis-Associated Antigen

Why It Is Done

Identify the type of hepatitis virus causing the infection.
Screen people who have an increased risk of getting or spreading a viral hepatitis infection
Screen blood donors and donor organs to prevent the spread of hepatitis.
Find out if a person has developed antibodies after receiving vaccinations for hepatitis B.
Check abnormal liver function tests.

Test Overview

Hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) is one of the most frequently performed tests for HBV. This HBV antigen is the earliest indicator of an active hepatitis B infection. This antigen may be present before symptoms of an HBV infection are present. If this antigen level remains high for more than 6 months, then you will probably become a carrier of HBV, meaning you can transmit it to others throughout your life.

How To Prepare

No special preparation is necessary.

WARNING: If you test positive for Hep B, the testing lab (NOT HTD) may be required by law to report your result to one or more government health agencies.