Synonyms: CK; CK, Serum; CPK; Creatine Phosphokinase, Total, Serum; TCK

Why It Is Done

*Detect muscle or heart cells injury. *Symptoms of heart attack

Test Overview

Blood levels of CK rise when muscle or heart cells are injured. Your doctor may test for CK if you have chest pain or other signs and symptoms of a heart attack. The amount of CK in blood also rises when skeletal muscles are damaged. Increases may be anticipated in the immediate postoperative period following surgical procedures involving incision through muscle. If you have muscle pain or weakness, your doctor may also order CK to see if other muscles have been damaged.

People who have greater muscle mass have higher CK levels than those who don't. Very heavy exercise (such as in weight lifting, contact sports, or long exercise sessions) can also increase CK.

How To Prepare

Avoid exercise before blood draw.