Synonyms: Clottable Fibrinogen; Factor I Activity;

Why It Is Done

Evaluate the body's ability to form and break down blood clots.
Follow-up to an abnormal Prothrombin Time (PT) or activated Partial Prothrombin Time (aPTT, or PTT) and/or an episode of prolonged or unexplained bleeding.
Help diagnose and monitor disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC).

Test Overview

Fibrinogen, also referred to as factor I, is a 340,000 Dalton glycoprotein that is produced by the liver and has a plasma half-life of about four days. Fibrinogen levels are a reflection of clotting ability and activity in the body.

Fibrinogen concentrations may rise sharply in any condition that causes inflammation or tissue damage. Elevated concentrations of fibrinogen are not specific -- they do not tell the doctor the cause or location of the disturbance.

How To Prepare

No special preparation is necessary