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2019 is our 18th year "online" providing U.S. consumers 50-81% "DAT" discounts on blood tests!

2019 is our 18th straight year as an "A+ Rated Business" by the Better Business Bureau!


  • Ordering blood tests for yourself "online" is medically defined as "Direct-Access-Testing" ("DAT" for short).  DAT is also medically referred to variously, as "self-testing", "direct-to-consumer" testing, or "patient-authorized" testing...as opposed to "physician-initiated" testing.  Self-ordering a blood test with us here "online" is a simple way for you to take advantage of DAT.  You will save 50-81% "off" the cost it would normally be for you when...instead...your doctor orders blood tests for you!
  • EVERY blood test and test panel you see listed on our website can be ordered BY YOU without a doctor's prescription.  Yes, it IS true that "many" blood tests do REQUIRE a medical prescription.  However 100's of the most common and popular blood tests and blood test panels do NOT!   ALL 400 of them you see listed on our website do NOT.  All 400 we list have been pre-approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) for "Direct-Access-Testing" (DAT), i.e., "self-testing".
  • DAT is legally available to all "Adults 18+" that are residents in (yes, must "reside" in) every state except NY, NJ, and RI.  If you live in one of these three states, your personal health management options are unfairly limited by them.  If you want the advantage of less-costly medical expenses and the convenience of self-ordering blood tests - as our other 47 U.S. states have permitted their own residents for the past two decades! - call or write your State Legislators and tell them so!
  • If you live in one of our 47 other states: you can self-order "online" any blood test or test panel you see listed below through our Health-Tests-Direct.com website's Ordering Page.  Yes, it IS true that there are blood tests that you can get ONLY WITH a doctor's written prescription.  (NONE of those are listed below!)  However,  EVERY ONE of the 100's of blood tests and test panels you see listed below and on our Ordering Page has been medically approved by the FDA for DAT- i.e., any/all of them can be "self-ordered" WITHOUT requiring a doctor's prescription. 
  • You have YOUR CHOICE of self-ordering from either Quest Diagnostics or LabCorp to analyze your blood sample.  They are the two largest accredited blood test labs in the entire USA.  In fact, one of these two national labs is very likely the same one your own physician uses to order blood tests for you and other patients. (But, without saving you 50-81% Health-Tests-Direct.com will always do for you)!
  • A SAVINGS hint for you: The price Quest Diagnostics enables us to offer you online for the identical test at LabCorp, is most often (but not always) lower than the price LabCorp enables us to offer you.  So, for your greatest possible savings, please COMPARE both lab's prices displayed below BEFORE ordering.  If don't see a particular test listed by either lab, it's likely because the labs does not make that specific test available to us for DAT, and for you to "self-order" online.  (Sorry!)
  • Not all prices for every test or test panel below can be "compared".  You might see a test name and price for one lab, but will not see that same test and its price listed for the other lab.  That's when that other lab does NOT make that test available to Health-Tests-Direct.com at a low enough price.  By not listing that test, we can continue to provide our customers the 50-81% savings they have expected from us since 2001 (fully 18 years now and counting).  Whether or not you ever choose to order from us, thank you for visiting us today!

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This is not our ordering page.  To self-order any of the blood tests listed above,
or to simply get more "Info" about a certain test:

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