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*Medically, this process is termed "Direct-Access-Testing" ("DAT"), and DAT saves you both time and money!

Direct-Access-Testing (acronym: "DAT"), is defined as consumer-initiated (as opposed to physician-initiated) testing.  Medical professionals refer to DAT variously as “direct-to-consumer”“self-ordering”, or “patient-authorized” testing.  Self-ordering your blood tests, right here online, is an example of how "you" can utilize DAT and substantially reduce your family's medical expenses!

Direct-Access-Testing enables you to "self-order" 100's of blood tests that are approved for DAT access by the FDA.  DAT  is legally available to "Adults 18+ residents" in every state except NY, NJ, and RI.  If you live in one of these three states, your personal health management options are unfairly limited by them!  If you want the advantage of less-costly medical expenses, plus the convenience of "self-ordering" your blood tests "online" - as our other 47 U.S. states have permitted their own residents now for more than two decades! - call or write your State Legislators and tell them so!

Our Direct-Access-Testing (DAT) prices reduce your blood test costs 50-81%!

All blood tests we list are FDA-approved for DAT.  You can self-order any/all online without a M.D.'s prescription!

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"But, what if my M.D. has already written me a prescription for one or more blood tests?"

DO NOT take your prescription to a clinic! INSTEAD, order your prescribed tests here - online - to save 50-81%!

You will have confidential access to your blood test lab results. You can easily email, fax, or take them to your M.D.

"Does Quest Diagnostics or LabCorp have a 'Blood-Draw Center' close to my home or work?"

Your Zip Code knows!

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DAT saves you 50-81% on most blood tests you want AND most tests your M.D. prescribes!
All blood tests we list are FDA-approved for Direct-Access-Testing! Order them with or without a prescription!

Lab report shows your test "Levels" and if "In" or "Out" of "Normal Range". Simple! But discuss ALL with your M.D.!


Select from 100's of blood tests FDA-approved for DAT.  Choose Quest or LabCorp for the analysis!

No waiting!  Our "Online M.D.'s" immediately sign-off on all blood tests and test panels you order!



For "18 years" (online since February 12, 2001), we've provided 50-81% Direct-Access-Testing (DAT) discounts!

For every one of our "18 years" online, the Better Business Bureau has rated our DAT service an "A+ Business"! 


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Click on ORDERING PAGE. Select tests (Quest Diagnostics or LabCorp). Choose LAB BLOOD DRAW CENTER.  Pay with credit card. Print out your "PRE-PAID IN FULL" Lab Requisition Form.
Visit Lab for Blood Draw
At your most convenient time (M-F), take your HTD pre-paid Lab Requisition Form to a "draw site" of the Quest or LabCorp lab you chose- each lab has 2,000+ sites nationwide; NO appt. needed!
See Blood Your Test Results Here Online
Most test results are reported 2-3 days after blood draw. VIEW YOUR RESULTS here on HTD using YOUR UNIQUE PASSWORD. View or print them out from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone!

In the medical field, "Health-Tests-Direct.com" is known as a
"Direct-Access-Testing" (DAT)

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Self-order your own blood tests (DAT) from either of the "Top-Two" labs in the USA: Quest Diagnostics or LabCorp!

 Compare pricing of BOTH labs BEFORE you order to determine your greatest savings!

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Laboratory blood tests can be ordered online right here, right now, day or night!

Yes, you can "self-order" your own blood tests online...it's called "Direct-Access-Testing"!

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