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Click ORDERING PAGE. Select tests (Quest Diagnostics or LabCorp). Pay by credit card, save 50-81% on 400+ blood tests. Click on Lab Requisition Form and print it out.
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2nd: VISIT Lab's Blood Draw Site
At your most convenient time (M-F), take your HTD pre-paid Lab Requisition Form to a "draw site" of the Quest or LabCorp lab you chose- each has 2,000+; NO appt. needed!
See Blood Your Test Results Here Online
3rd: VIEW & PRINT Your Results!
Results of most tests reported 2-3 days after blood draw. VIEW YOUR RESULTS on HTD using YOUR unique password. View or print 24/7 from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone!

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Ever since 8 AM P.S.T. Monday, February 12, 2001...

HTD has provided you a choice of tests and discounted prices from the #1 and #2 largest blood testing laboratories in the USA!

HTD has enabled you to order your own blood tests from either of the "Top-Two" labs in the USA: Quest Diagnostics or LabCorp!

HTD has made it possible for you to determine your greatest possible savings and compare pricing of BOTH labs BEFORE you order!

HTD is online 24/7 to save you money weekdays...weekends...holidays, too!

First: ORDER your own blood tests 24/7 on our ORDERING PAGE and print-out your LAB REQUISITION FORM
Second: VISIT a nearby blood draw center- find your most convenient of 4,000+ LOCATIONS
Third: VIEW & PRINT your password-protected laboratory blood test RESULTS
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NO prior MD exam required
NO prior MD exam required when blood tests ordered on Health-Tests.Direct
Sometimes you want a specific blood test done but don’t need to talk to a doctor or have the time or money. HTD solves the problem! Our MD's write your prescription so you can SKIP that expensive MD visit! Skip the waiting, too!
4,000+ locations nationwide
4,000+ locations nationwide for your blood draw when ordered on Health-Tests-Direct
The 4,000-plus blood draw sites Quest Diagnostics + LabCorp operate mean there’s likely one near your home or work! A trained Phlebotomist will gently draw a small sample of your blood and "overnight" it to the laboratory.
View results 100% in private
View Your Blood Test Results 100% in Private on Health-Tests-Direct
2-3 days after your blood draw, HTD receives most laboratory results, and we immediately notify you! Return to HTD, enter your unique Username and Password. Results are viewable ONLY by YOU. Viewing/print access 24/7!
Panels Save You Even More!
Blood Test Panels Ordered on Health-Tests-Direct Save You Even More!
HTD offers health “panels”, too. Panels combine multiple tests in one order and save you even more. Well worth considering!  To learn more about those we offer, please see “POPULAR TESTS” at the top of this page.


LABORATORY BLOOD TESTING HEALTH FACTS. Technically, there are more than five thousand (>5,000) different types of blood tests that laboratories can process! This is one of the reasons why HTD contracts with not just "one" lab but with both of the two largest, well-known, and physician-respected blood testing laboratories in the USA: Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp. Together, these two national labs enable us at HTD to uniquely offer you (1) a much greater selection of blood tests, (2) the competing discount prices of two labs, as well as (3) their 4,000+ (combined) different locations throughout the USA. So, in addition to excellent customer service that you will always experience with HTD, "CHOICES" is a big part of what has set HTD apart from all other online blood testing sites for the past 16 years!

Each one of the 5,000+ laboratory blood tests can tell you “something” about your physical health. In general, though, most physicians regularly prescribe fewer than 100 types of blood tests. That’s because the majority of 5,000+ are blood tests for determining the possible presence of very unique or extremely rare health conditions in the human body. In any case, for your own peace of mind and good health, semi-annual blood testing with some of the more “standard” types of blood tests is a smart way to monitor your own health and stay healthy. Since 2001, has been dedicated to helping you do that - at your greatest convenience and at your greatest savings we can possibly arrange for you!


Laboratory blood tests can be ordered here by you ONLINE day or night 24/7/365!

Yes, order your own blood's called "Direct-Access-Testing"!

Ordering online through HTD is 50-81% LESS COST than if you pay to visit an MD, and they order the exact same tests!

Blood tests for you at deeply discounted prices!  A healthy alternative from since 2001!