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What we at the offices of Health-Tests-Direct CAN do for you and what we CANNOT do for you:

Health-Tests-DIRECT (HTD) is what is called in our Industry, a "Direct-Access Testing" ("DAT", for short) provider. As a DAT provider, we CAN help you with "three" very important personal health management services: (1) we can arrange for your blood-draw directly with a clinic we contract with near your home or work anywhere in the U.S.A. (except New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island), and, (2) we can arrange for the analysis of your blood specimen directly with the laboratory and, (3) we can arrange to send the lab's test results directly - and confidentially - to you.

That's it!  "Arrange" is the key word here. Arranging for your blood draw directly with a clinic and the analysis of your blood specimen directly with a state-and-federally-certified laboratory (we contract with the largest laboratory in the USA), and sending you the results are the ONLY three services that we are legally able to offer to you as a DAT provider.

To your great advantage, however, we try - and are usually able - to provide these three valuable services at a savings to you of up to 81% off the cost of the old-fashioned method of first spending your time and spending additional money to personally visit a doctor, then going to get a prescription filled, et cetera. That is what "Direct-Access Testing" is all about saving you time and saving you money while enabling you to more easily monitor your own health in order to take preventive measures against illness and disease!

Since we are a Direct-Access Testing provider and are NOT physicians, our HTD Operations and Customer Service personnel CANNOT make any recommendations to you as to the "type" of blood test you "should" have or "might" need. The HTD Operations and Customer Service personnel in our offices and with whom you speak on the phone when you call us or "Chat" with you on our website are NOT physicians. So, please don't ask them for medical advice. They are not qualified - and therefore nor legally allowed - to give it!

We appreciate your understanding the importance and need for us to offer this disclaimer to you and for our asking you to read it completely. However, if there is any part of it that you do not understand, please contact Ed Poole, President and C.O.O. of HTD at 949.764.9301 ext. 205 or 1.800.456.4647 ext. 205 for clarification.

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