How to view your test results


Viewing* and printing out a copy of your blood test results is easy, quick, and confidential!

*Remember, you can confidentially view your results 24/7 using your web-enabled laptop, tablet, and smartphone, too!

"Most" (but not all) blood test results are available 2-3 business days after your blood draw. (Example: Provide your blood sample early on a Monday and your test results would normally be available to you on Wednesday. Visit your draw center location early on a Tuesday and results would normally be ready Thursday, etc…..)

The reason we urge going “early” is that some locations ship all that day’s collected blood specimens to the lab by 2 or 3 PM. Get to those locations any later and your specimen will not be shipped to the lab until the NEXT day.

PLEASE NOTE: A very few types of blood tests take a up to eight (8) days because of the special analytical process they require at the lab. In those few cases, the longer turn-around time for receiving results is usually stated in those test’s “Description”.

You can confidentially check on the status of your test results 24/7 by clicking here. You then simply log-in with the unique-to-you User Name and Password you created for yourself when you originally ordered and paid for your tests. 


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