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At Health Tests Direct you can easily and confidently order an HIV blood test with quick and effective results. If you have participated in unprotected sex, have symptoms commonly associated with STDs, or are considering starting a sexual relationship without the use of protection, getting an online HIV test is a smart move for your safety and confidence, as well as your partner’s. 

If you are concerned about accessibility, we can assure you that you will be the only one who will have access to your results. We provide completely anonymous blood testing. 


HIV Blood Testing 

HIV testing is one way to determine if you are infected with the virus. A person can be HIV-infected for many years while looking and feeling healthy, with no signs at all of being sick. Without reliable HIV testing, individuals go untreated, often passing along their infection. 



  • HIV leads to the development of the disease called AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome)
  • AIDS is a disease that limits the body’s ability to fight infection. 
  • A person with AIDS has a very weak immune system, turning normally mild or rare diseases into potentially fatal conditions
  • The tests commonly used to detect HIV infection look for antibodies produced by your body to fight HIV, most will develop detectable antibodies within three months after infection, the average being 25 days, in rare cases, it can take up to six months
  • Many doctors recommend that all individuals who have more than one sex partner or use drugs delivered through needles should be regularly tested, e.g., every six months


How is HIV Transmitted?

  • Throrugh unprotected sex 
  • Through contaminated needles for drug use (using intravenous drugs)
  • Through breastfeeding 
  • If a mother is HIV positive and pregnant, the child can become infected


Who Should Receive an HIV Blood Test? 

  • If you are sexually active with multiple partners (past or present)
  • If you are concerned about your partner’s sexual activity with others
  • If you have a new sexual partner
  • If you partake in intravenous drug use


Why It’s Important to Take an HIV Blood Test

If you are found positive for the HIV virus, early detection and treatment can save your life. AIDS drugs are making a difference for hundreds of thousands of HIV infected individuals. While there is still no cure for AIDS, many infected individuals have regained control of their lives. New drug treatments have transformed AIDS into a manageable condition with some individuals having no detectable level of virus in their bloodstreams at all.


Sexually Transmitted Diseases 

Sexually transmitted diseases are extremely contagious. Chlamydia, Herpes, and HIV are three of the most prevalent STDs in the United States. These three, among others, can be detected easily by a simple blood or urine test. Some STDs, notably Chlamydia and HIV, can be present for months or even years without the infected individual showing any symptoms. Partners have a high risk of infection. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends yearly STD screening for sexually-active and high-risk patients. 

Doing this will provide you with the necessary information so you can treat any symptoms and conduct yourself under safe circumstances, helping to prevent the spread of the disease. 


Sexually Transmitted Disease Facts:

  • 50% of Americans will contract an STD at some point in their lives
  • Each year, 1 in 4 teenagers contract some type of STD
  • 65+ million Americans have an incurable STD
  • Nearly 20 million new STD infections occur yearly
  • You could have an STD without any signs or symptoms


How Anonymous STD Testing Works at Health-Tests-Direct

Our HIV blood tests are quick and painless. If you are seeking total anonymity, you are encouraged to use an alias when ordering your test. An alias is simply a false name, which will appear on both your blood test requisition form and on your lab results. 

Our HIV tests are affordable and dependable, costing anywhere from $35 to $189, depending on the kind of test you need. You can receive your anonymous STD test in just two simple steps:

  1. Print out the prepaid requisition form and take it with you to the selected draw center. (NO-WORRIES NOTE: Assuming you are an adult or look like you are over the age of 18, you will not be asked to show an ID at the blood draw center.)  
  2. After the collection of your blood specimen, your results will be available confidentially, and only to you on our website in as little as 2-3 business days. Whether you use your real name or you choose to order anonymously using an alias, the results of your test(s) are kept confidential between the analyzing laboratory and Health-Tests-Direct.  Your doctor and your insurance company will never know your STD test results unless you advise them.

When you purchase an HIV blood test from us, you’ll receive a confidential blood draw and overnight shipment of your specimen from HTD™ to a certified and accredited medical testing laboratory. 

We never use over-the-counter kits, only certified laboratories in the United States for the analysis of your blood specimen.


Health Tests Direct Understands the Importance of STD Testing 

Assurance and confidence are both important and necessary for a safe lifestyle. At Health-Tests-Direct we understand the value of safety, respect, and accountability and we know that not everyone has access to these things. This is why we decided to dedicate our lives to help keep your body and mind at ease. 

Providing essential blood testing at a reasonable cost to the general public is a responsibility we don’t take lightly, but we are very proud to offer. 

If you have health concerns and our blood tests can help, please call us to discuss, or order from this website. We are here to assist you in making smart, educated health decisions. 

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