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To-date, we've enabled more than 200,000 health-conscious and cost-conscious U.S. consumers Coast to Coast to enjoy the huge cost-savings of what is medically termed Direct-Access-Testing (or "DAT" for short).

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A "physician's referral"


simply "to get a blood test"!

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*This process is medically-termed "Self-Order Testing", or "Direct to Consumer Testing",
but - most commonly - it's referred to as "Direct-Access-Testing" (or, "DAT").


Order blood tests for yourself? Yes! Here's why you CAN!

Thanks to the U.S. Federal Drug Administration (FDA)Direct-Access-Testing ("DAT") enables you and me - "the general public" - to "self-order" 100's of different blood tests and blood test panels online. However, those specific tests MUST FIRST be pre-approved for DAT by the FDA. All those listed on our Blood Tests Menu have been! ALL have been pre-approved by the FDA for self-order online without needing a physician's referral and without needing a doctor's prescription. Order your own blood tests!

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: If you are 18 or older, you can legally order any blood test or blood test panel online listed in our Blood Tests Menu for yourself or for any other adult 18+. That is, unless you or they are a resident of NY, NJ, or RI. Unfortunately, short-sighted state codes - or politics? - in those states do NOT permit its residents to order blood tests online and enjoy its advantages in convenience, plus its savings in time and money.

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GIVEN THE ABOVE FACTS, HERE'S A SENSIBLE QUESTION: "If my M.D. has already written me a prescription for one or more blood tests, what is my advantage in ordering blood tests online?"

HERE'S A SENSIBLE ANSWER: Are your doctor-prescribed blood tests available in our Blood Tests Menu? If so, then they are FDA approved for self-ordering and huge discounts! That means those doctor-prescribed blood tests, if ordered here online with us, will save you 50% or more in laboratory fees! So, DO NOT take your doctor's prescription to be filled at a clinic! INSTEAD, get your prescription filled right here with us. Order blood tests online for yourself in 5 minutes or less. Get your confidential lab results here online in 36-48 hours1

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