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Health-Tests-Direct (HTD) was launched on February 12, 2001 as the “personal health services” addition to our "workplace safety services" specialty company, OHS Health & Safety Services, Inc. 

OHS Inc. is a family-owned California corporation established in 1991 and headquartered in Costa Mesa, California. We provide employee screening and workplace safety services including background checks, pre-placement physical evaluations, Drug-Free Workplace programs and USDOT training to more than 1,700 large and small multi-diverse companies throughout the USA. 

In 2001, we established HTD as a separate and unique program to provide services exclusively devoted to benefiting the U.S. general public.  We created a website designed to offer the public deeply discounted pricing for laboratory blood tests and laboratory blood test panels that they could conveniently order and pay for through the website.

  • HTD was among the first U.S. internet-based businesses to enable “Direct Access Testing” (DAT), also commonly referred to in the medical field as “Self-Ordered Tests”.  DAT allows the adult general public to self-order many common – in some cases life-saving - laboratory blood tests and laboratory blood test panels - for themselves, and without a doctor’s prescription!  
  • In 2001, there were more than 44,000,000 uninsured people in the USA!  Launching HTD helped make the expediency and reasonable cost of Direct-Access-Testing for laboratory blood tests possible for those 44 million uninsured!  Our HTD website made these tests available to everyone at a 50-81% savings!
  • HTD made it convenient and affordable for the uninsured general public to self-order many of the blood tests "most commonly-prescribed by physicians" for their patients!  Even better, our website enabled them to do so, (a) “online”, (b) without a prior doctor’s visit or written prescription, and (c) at discounts of 50-81%. 

It is important here to note, that while there exists literally “thousands” of different blood tests and blood test panels that laboratories can perform, the great majority of them CANNOT be ordered WITHOUT a doctor’s written prescription.  Only a select few hundred are considered “safe” for "self-ordering".  That selection of "what tests are safe enough" for a non-medical layperson to self-order is determined solely by the United States Federal Drug Administration (FDA).  

You can be assured that ALL 200+ Quest Diagnostics blood tests listed on our website include ONLY those which have been pre-approved by the FDA for self-ordering!  ALL of the blood tests and blood test panels listed on our site CAN be legally ordered by adults 18+ without a prior doctor visit and without a written prescription.  That is, unless you live in NY, NJ, or RI...

Unfortunately (and we believe unfairly), rules in three U.S. states - NY, NJ, and RI - restrict their residents from ordering blood tests "online".  These three states will not “allow” or “permit” their uninsured and under-insured residents to save 50-81% on an essential and vital part of personal healthcare that is readily and easily available to their fellow-Americans in 47 other U.S. states!  Ridiculous?

For the past 19 years HTD has contracted with Quest Diagnostics Laboratories, one of the largest and most respected testing labs in the entire world!   With the cooperation and support of Quest, HTD continues today to serve the uninsured and under-insured in those “47” of our U.S. states that WILL permit their residents to take advantage of self-ordered healthcare convenience and savings.  With our 50-81% discount pricing, HTD continues to help cushion those millions of consumers from the overall rising costs of healthcare.

We are also greatly honored that Health-Tests-Direct has been awarded an “A+” business rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) each and every one of our 19 years of offering Direct Access Testing services online to the general public.  OHS Inc. - which helps companies keep their employees safe in the workplace - has received an identical “A+” rating by the BBB every year since 1991- 29 years in a row and counting!

We are Family-Owned, Family Managed and proud to have served the business and industrial community for almost three decades,  as well as having helped health-concerned consumers now for almost twenty years.  Thank you for letting us tell you a bit more about us and our services!

Jean H. Poole, CEO
Edward W. Poole, President
OHS Health & Safety Services, Inc.

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