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Privacy and confidentiality considerations:

E-mail addresses and any/all other personal information shared with OHS Health & Safety Services, Incorporated (OHS, Inc.) or with our personal services division, Health-Tests-Direct (HTD) by an Internet user via the World Wide Web, if maintained (saved) by HTD, will be maintained by HTD with complete confidentiality.

This includes all personal, professional, and other information provided to HTDT associated with e-mailed or telephoned requests to us for more information about our blood testing, all requests for answers to personal or professional questions about or related to "drugs" or "drug-abuse" or "drug testing", or "sexually transmitted disease", et al.

HTD does not use "cookies" and therefore your use of this site will not ever subject you to unsolicited follow-up emails from HTD or unsolicited advertising from any third-parties.

E-mail addresses collected by HTD are NOT given, loaned, leased, bartered, exchanged, or sold to any other person or entity for any reason, commercial or otherwise! E-mail addresses collected by HTD, if saved, will be saved in an HTD database ONLY for the purpose of an initial reply to the sender and for a possible later communication of information from HTD to the sender.

Credit card information: All credit card charges are SECURELY and CONFIDENTIALLY processed entirely through PayPal. Credit card information such as card number, security (CSC also known as a CCID) code, expiration date, card holder's billing address, etc. is NEVER saved or maintained by HTD.

Blood test results: Results of your personal blood tests are completely CONFIDENTIAL and sent to YOU and ONLY to you unless you specifically request - in writing - that we send a copy to your physician or other persons.

NOTE: Please review the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) agreement. Under federal law, we are required to have you read it, sign it, and return your signed copy to us before we can send you the authorization paperwork for your blood draw and laboratory-analyzed. PLEASE CLICK HERE TO REVIEW THE FEDERALLY REQUIRED HIPAA AGREEMENT

Website Terms of Use-
This website is an informational site only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical help or the advice of a physician. The webmaster and author cannot warrant the accuracy of all information available on this site or on other sites to which it links for your convenience only. Therefore, webmaster and author are not responsible for any health interpretations or conclusions which visitors to this site may derive from the information found herein.

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Permission to reprint or electronically reproduce - in whole or in part -any text, document, or graphic found on this website for any purpose is expressly prohibited, unless prior written consent is given by OHS, Inc./Health-Tests-Direct. Such consent may be requested by e-mailing: Ed Poole, Pres/COO, OHS Inc./HTD.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact Edward Poole, HTD President and Chief Operating Officer of OHS, Inc., d.b.a. Health-Tests-Direct , at (949) 764-9301 x205 or 1-800-456-4647 x205 or click on the following and send an email to: