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With Health Tests Direct, you are always able to order as many blood tests and blood test panels at a time – e.g., "one" or "one dozen" - as you need or want. 

YOU ARE CHARGED $8.50 ONLY ONCE for your blood draw. This is no matter how many different blood tests or blood panels (2, 3, even 10 or more) you include in the same order.

Once you begin the ordering process, you can easily ADD or DELETE as many tests as you wish BEFORE you finally pay for them and check out.  Since you are charged for your blood draw only "once" per blood draw center visit, you will always save money by selecting multiple (2-3-10 or more) tests in one single order.

Please be certain you’ve ordered all the tests you wanted and cancelled any you decide you don’t want BEFORE you pay and check out. To keep our blood test pricing as low as we possibly can, there is a $15 change fee for changing your order (adding to or canceling one or more of your blood tests) AFTER you have paid and checked out.

Unfortunately, this "change fee" is necessary to offset the fees charged to us for such changes by your credit card company, and by PayPal, and, separately, by the MD who approved your initial prescription. (Yes, we do get charged a fee by each of them each time you place or change an order.)  We want your total costs to be as low as possible, so please order carefully, and double-check your order before you finally do check out, OK? Thank you for understanding.  We very much appreciate your business and we very much appreciate YOU!


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