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Our Cancellation and Refund Policy: Following the placement by you of your blood test order and the charge to your credit card for the amount long as you have NOT YET had your blood drawn and sent to the lab, you may cancel your order (i.e., your blood draw and lab blood test) within ten (10) days of your order date. However, your refund will be less $25.00 of the total amount of your original charge. Why?

Offering you the convenience of charging by credit card is an expense to every business. This especially affects Health Tests Direct because with our 50-81% discounted pricing, our profit margins are considerably smaller than most "retail" businesses. The $25.00 cancellation charge helps us recoup the credit card service fees we must pay, our PayPal fees, plus the administrative expense we incur for processing your order in the first place and then later for having to process your cancellation. It is far more time-consuming for us than it is for you!

This "cancellation fee" is one of our many methods of internal cost-control that enable us to keep your cost for blood testing deeply discounted - for you and everyone else - by as much as 91%. Therefore, when you do order blood tests with us, please be certain you want to complete - not to later CANCEL - the discounted blood testing we arrange for you.

Please remember too, there is a $25.00 fee for later CHANGING your order (adding or deleting one or more tests from your original order). Once you have paid by credit card and the blood draw and lab analysis "Authorization" paperwork has been processed and emailed to you, a $25.00 fee applies for any such later change(s). So of course, please be certain to order ONLY the blood tests you want or need - or ALL the blood tests you want or need - BEFORE you charge your credit card and check out of the website.

Honestly, we truly do not like to charge cancellations fees, but the credit card companies do not leave us much choice!

Lastly, if you are ever unhappy in any way with our services, please tell us!  We'll do our very best to make it right! If you ARE happy with HTD and our services, please tell your family and friends about us.

It is personally gratifying to me and my wife and business partner, Jean - since 2001 - to be able to save you 50-91% on such a critically important personal health maintenance service as testing the health of your blood.  Whether you have been a customer of HTD since 2001 or you are new to us today, thank you for your confidence in using Health-Tests Direct.

We appreciate your business, and we appreciate you!

Ed Poole, President
Health Tests Direct
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